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    Announcing our new and exciting partnership with MyCareerNetwork, providing even more reason to be a Chapter Member!

    Through this program, Members now have a special Member Benefit enabling you to utilize the MyCareerNetwork Enterprise Product at a heavily discounted price. Here are just a few of the benefits that Members will enjoy from using the Enterprise Product:

    • Full access and use of the area's largest internet recruiting site
    • Ability to automatically post your jobs to the State's Workforce Operating System
    • Ability to post an unlimited number of jobs on the site
    • Applicant Tracking tools that simplifies the recruiting process for HR Professionals
    • Tools that effortlessly collects and tracks EEO information for reporting purposes

    The Member Benefit Program offers a discounted stair step pricing structure. Year 1 - 60% discount, Year 2 - 30% discount, and Year 3 and beyond - 10% discount.

    The idea behind the success of this program has come from our aggressive pricing structure. MyCareerNetwork is committed to a long term discount rate without making your employer make the same commitment. Your employer only needs to commit to participating in the program for a single year, in return giving your employer a discount rate that guarantees a return on their investment.

    Click on the link below to access this exciting opportunity